Kevorkian Death Cycle – God Am I
Released: September 17th, 2013
Label: Negative Gain Productions

Kevorkian Death Cycle - God Am IKevorkian Death Cycle’s new full length album God Am I proves that it is, in fact, possible for an electro-industrial band to successfully step out of the nineties. Do not let the first track fool you (bore you, whichever) because beyond this droning FLA-esque introduction lies an amazing track list.

I’m not one to pick favorites, but here it goes: “Mind Decay” is hands-down the most well put together song on God Am I, with its uniquely piercing vocal filters pumping out driving hooks and choruses over a respectably up-tempo beat. A few of the following songs maintain this specific flavor before turning into a deeper sort of feel. “Children of Chaos” serves as a great example of this, as I can actually pinpoint that this is THE track where another dimension is added. The songs serves as the darker, heavily layered, more down-tempo electro track of God I am.

The beginning of the album (again, barring the opening track) provides a specific feel which sits somewhere between goth club anthem and slow-motion murder scene; a timeless charm. But what really sets God Am I apart from other current electro-industrial albums is the song structure. Any band could have the coolest samples, the best synthesizers, and the most top-of-line software; by no means does this ensure their album won’t be shit. Kevorkian Death Cycle really nailed it with the song structure on this album, which is what matters most. It is with God Am I ┬áthat Kevorkian Death Cycle escapes the over-saturated cesspool of mediocre electro-industrial groups.

Deeper into the track list, I was pleasantly surprised with a song called “Destroyer of Worlds“. Not only are the vocals cleaner and more traditional, but the drum beats resemble a more contemporary rock style. I don’t know what sort of black magic was put to work here, but this track somehow accomplished a badass post-industrial sound. Maybe it’s the saw synths?

The album closes with “Light Fields” which is nothing short of a beautiful song. It’s down-tempo and brooding, so there’s nothing not to like. I think that God Am I is a huge step in the right direction for Kevorkian Death Cycle and I look forward to more similar releases.

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