Download – LingAM
Released: June 11th, 2013
Label: Metropolis Records

Download album LingAMAs if cEvin Key needs to be any busier, Download is set to release LingAM. And as if this weren’t a pattern, the title of the album (along with all of its tracks) is named after Hindu symbols and philosophies. Ok, so there’s nothing really new about that, but Download has really made this one interesting. Teetering somewhere in between post industrial and experimental, LingAM is a hellish mix of wayward samples, strange yet brilliant drum beats, and of course Key’s infamous dark synth work.

LingAM begins with a self-titled track which I can only describe as spacey and creepy, and that obviously rocks! The album maintains this spacey theme throughout the track list… perhaps this is due to the dying theremin? Well I can’t really tell what it is, but I don’t care.  The songs range from quick and glitchy to dark and ambient.

I suppose it would make sense for a great deal of Key’s work to resemble his first child, Skinny Puppy. LingAM, if anything, is most reminiscent of SP’s earlier experimental phases. In contrast with old SP, however, tracks like “Kundi” and “JirAFFE from the planet Sanders” really introduce a more refined style of experimental. Download has always been somewhat of this “anything goes” outlet, so it’s always been exciting to watch the progression. LingAM is the next logical step from HELicoptEr as it has done an excellent job of bringing new synthesis styles to very old synthesizers.

In all of its bizarre glory, Download has stayed true to its experimental roots. LingAM serves as both an excellent addition to the band’s discography as well as a means through which Key communicates with aliens.

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2 Replies to “Review: Download – LingAM”

  1. Don’t forget that Phil Western plays a major role in Download (not just cEvin Key)!
    = )

  2. Agree with the above poster. I like cevin key’s music quite a bit, but I also think phil western doesn’t get enough credit for his work. And he does some pretty great stuff.

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