metal band TRIAIt seems that J.Bergman of Man.Machine.Industry is a music powerhouse that never sleeps. On top of the success of MMI’s latest album Lean Back, Relax and Watch The World Burn, Bergman has now teamed up with ex-Engel vocalist Magnus Klavborn and Ronnie Nyman from Always War to form a new group known as TRIA. Klavborn and Nyman are on vocal duties, while Bergman is on guitar. Official press release below.

TRIA consists of three powerful frontmen that knows how to get a crowd go wild. Vocalists Magnus Klavborn (ex Engel) and Ronnie Nyman (Always War) duelling their vocal styles while Man.Machine.Industry´s frontman J. Bergman backs them up with hard hitting, heavy guitar riffs.

A debut single is being recorded right now and will see the light of day towards the end of May/beginning of June.

Guitarist J.B says that: “The vision of TRIA is to deliver something new without aiming to be unique. We think of it as a violent version of AC/DC and Danko Jones”.

TRIA is one of five projects/bands under the wings of producer/guitarist J. Bergman´s flagship KMP (Killing Machine Productions) which recently signed a new record/management deal with label GMR Music giving him the opportunity to release all five of his projects/bands and incl. TRIA.

Magnus Klavborn has this to say regarding TRIA: “Singing with TRIA is just one big smile. Long time friends just doing music for the love of music and for the friendship between the three of us”.

Plans are to release the two-track-single followed by a video this summer and a six track digital EP in August/September.

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