Ghost B.C. – Infestissumam
Released: April 16th, 2013
Label: Seven Four Entertainment / Republic

Ghost infestissumam album coverWhat makes music Doom Metal? Is it the lyrics? Is it only Doom Metal if it sounds a certain way? Is it the stage presence that makes a band Doom Metal? Is it all of the above? These are just some of the questions I pondered while listening to the latest album by Ghost B.C., “Infestissumam”.

For the uninitiated, Ghost (forced to go by Ghost B.C. in the US) is a Swedish Doom Metal band. They formed in 2008 in Link√∂ping and in October 2010 released their first album. What helps set Ghost apart from other metal acts is the gimmick they have. In today’s music age you need a presence to go along with the music and Ghost has one hell of a presence. Anonymity is the major characteristic. The band members go simply by the moniker of “Namless Ghouls” and wear hooded robes that cover their face. The vocalist, however, goes by Papa Emeritus II and dons Pope like attire and has a skull face.

So based on that you might think these guys would be super heavy. If so, “Infestissumam” will surprise you. With their sophmore effort, Ghost have a sound more kin to ’70s Doom Metal than today’s aggressive acts. Ghost is often compared to the likes of Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult. “Infestissumam” does nothing to change that and helps push Ghost further into that fold.

The sound and music quality on “Infestissumam” is top notch. Every song on “Infestissumam” is catchy as hell. The music seeps into your brain and just latches on. They reel you in with bouncy beats, haunting vocals, creepy organs, and hypnotizing guitars. Mixed in with the groovy metal tunes are lyrics about Satan, more Satan and even a Zombie Queen. All combined to make a great sounding album.

It seems “Infestissumam” has caused stirring among groups of metal heads. Some seem to love the album, while the more narrow focused are not at all pleased. I wouldn’t say “Infestissumam” is a all or nothing, “love it or hate it” album, but I can see where fans of angry, aggressive metal might not appreciate it. Perhaps finding it “weak” and needing more heavy. “Infestissumam” leans very far towards 70’s rock and less towards Metal. Great music is great music in my book though, and I put “Infestissumam” towards the top of the list.

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