Army of the Universe – Until The End [EP]
Released: January 22nd, 2013
Label: Metropolis Records

It’s always hard reviewing EPs. With so few songs it is tough to get a feel for the bigger picture with the sound that a full album gives you. That said, we give you a review of the latest EP from the guys in Army of The Universe called “Until The End“.

“Until The End” consists of three new tracks and one remix track. Putting my biases aside for a bit, I will say musically it’s a solid EP. Army of the Universe continue to demonstrate they know their way around electronic music and can shape electronic soundscapes quite well. They fuse a good amount of heavy beats, electronic noise/blips and solid vocal work seamlessly.

Weight of The World” comes across as the heaviest track to me on the EP, stitching together a nice fusion of noise and beats, crunchy guitar loops and sexy smooth vocals. There are two versions of “Until The End” (feat. Chibi of The Birthday Massacre), one being a remix which I actually preferred. The remix version has some heavy EDM beats that almost force you to move, mixed into a more tranquil soundscape. While the non-remix is a bit muddy, in my opinion, when it comes to the layering of the music.

Overall “Until The End” is worth a purchase if you get into the more bouncy, dance style of electronic music.

This is where I’ll let my bias come out and play. As a fan of industrial-metal style of music, “Until The End” did not grab me like “Mother Ignorance” did. The grungier, heavier aspects of what made “Mother Ignorance” awesome seem to be missing on the last couple EPs from AOU. Traded for a more dance floor EDM sound. Which is cool if that’s the direction Army of the Universe wants to take things. I’ll hold onto a final judgement until the next full length album. I’m just hoping it will have at least some more heavy electro-industrial tracks like “Mother Ignorance”.

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