Vision Of Disorder – The Cursed Remain Cursed
Released: September 18th, 2012
Label: Candlelight Records

Vision Of Disorder is a band that I should be very familiar with, but I’m not. Somehow these guys never landed on my radar. It happens sometimes. I’ve known them by name and heard maybe one or two songs. After listening to The Cursed Remain Cursed however, I have to play a hefty game of catch-up.

In case there are others like me, Vision of Disorder is a Hardcore/Metalcore band from New York. Forming around 1992, they made it about ten years and then disbanded in 2002. Since then they’ve briefly reunited a few times with things finally sticking together in 2008. Vision of Disorder is one of those bands that can be attributed for helping start/influence the metal genre many now call Metalcore, which is a combination of Hardcore Punk and Metal. Early efforts of Metalcore are decent, but in my opinion, most new Metalcore acts today suck.

With that kind of attitude, I was pleasantly surprised with The Cursed Remain Cursed. Vision Of Disorder carries on what they helped to start many years ago and they carry on well. The Cursed Remain Cursed is chocked full of throaty vocals that swing from aggro harsh to melodic singing. The songs shift, pushing forward with fast paced guitars and killer drums but effortlessly move into melodic hooks and catchy vocals. Only to harshly beat you backdown again. Tracks “Be Up On It” and “New Order of Ages” are prime examples of this.

Skullz Out (Rot in Pieces)” is the stand-out track to me. It has the usual aggressive metalcore sound, but kicks things through with a bit more groove and rhythmic changes. Another great track, “The Enemy“, blasts through with some of these similar traits as well.

It’s funny. Having not been very familiar with Vision of Disorder, I feel it’s a very good thing they are putting out some new music. With a Metal sound firmly planted in Hardcore roots they can show-up many of todays current Metalcore acts and teach them a thing or two.

If you’re a fan of good Hardcore and/or Metalcore, The Cursed Remain Cursed is well worth picking up.

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