Everyone likes free music right? This one is for you Drum and Bass, techno heads out there. Quia Multi Sumus is a split EP between Cryogenic Echelon and Studio X. It features remixes by Psykkle and Makina amongst others. This is a welcome addition for fans of dark electro, EBM, and club and is a free digital download from CRL Studios.

Based out of Australia, Cryogenic Echelon is first and foremost, the creative and critical outlet of Gerry Hawkins. As the embodiment of his innermost thoughts, ideals and vision of humanity. Splicing genres like genes, remapping and suturing the audio structure combining Industrial, Hard Dance, Ambient, EDM & several other styles together in order to create what you see and hear before you.

If you dig bass heavy, electronic dance music you can get your rave on with, check out Quia Multi Sumus

For more info on Cryogenic Echelon go to: http://www.crlstudio.com/cryogenic-echelon/

Download the album for free below:

2 Replies to “Free Music: Cryogenic Echelon Vs. Studio X – Quia Multi Sumus”

  1. Thankfully its free, and I don’t believe the reviewer actually listened to the tracks… Drum and Bass? Long bow

    Its Studio X being ummm Studio X, but not as good as they have been. Ready or not “remix”? Ive heard far better tracks from Studio X, immensely better. Such talent and yet this does nothing positive for them.

    The Cryogenic Echelon tracks, are, at best, poor dubstep tracks. I’m impressed at the remixes only because you get to hear the original and realise there is so very little to work with. Well done to Makina, Vortek and Psykkle on a sterling effort.

    And its a shame as both Studio X and Cryo have some awesome work out there that deserves to be listened to and bought, as I have, but this is not a good representation.


    1. Thanks for checking out the site and thanks for the comments Brian. This wasn’t a review of the album. We’re just helping spread the word for CRL Studios.

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