Lucidstatic – The Wreckage
Released: February 27th, 2012
Label: CRL Studios

From the cold landscapes of Alaska comes a talented new artist by the name of Lucidstatic. With his prolific blend of glitch, breakcore, industrial, and idm, Lucidstatic is by no means an imitator, but rather an innovator of the hard electronic sound. With a grocery list of remixing and collaboration credits to his name, including Unter Null, Diverje, Totakeke, Manufactura, Otto Von Shirach, ESA, C/A/T, Servo Hatred, Experiment Haywire, Autoclav1.1, as well as his downtempo alter ego Pandora’s Black Book, Lucidstatic manages to maintain his own style, effortlessly fusing addictive rhythms with slicing beatwork and thought-provoking samples to create sonic compositions that will grab the listener firmly by the tympanic membranes.

With Lucidstatic’s The Wreckage you get your money’s worth of electronic industrial music. Clocking in at 96 minutes, The Wreckage is 20 elaborate tracks of ambient noise, industrial grooves, creepy samples, electronics tones and rhythmic beats all mixed well creating some interesting musical atmosphere. Check it out for yourself below.

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