Kristoffer Nyströms Orkester – Overlook Hotel
Released: February 13th, 2012
Label: Malignant Records

Kristoffer Nyströms Orkester (KNO) is a collaborative project between Swedish industrial legend Peter Nystrom (Megaptera, Negru Voda), and Norwegian Kristoffer Oustad (V:28, Plague Machinery). Their latest release Overlook Hotel is a dark, nightmarish journey through sound.

The description provided for Overlook Hotel is so fitting and perfect;
KNO welcomes you into the Overlook Hotel, where every room has a ghost and every room has a story to tell. Travel the hallways and explore, as you venture into a more cerebral musical state…

This statement could not be any closer to the truth. KNO’s Overlook Hotel is forty-four minutes of creepy, ambient soundscapes that will get into your head and haunt you. The album as a whole utilize excellent mixes of noises, creepy sampling and ambient-industrial sounds to move you through the album. Yet each track is unique unto itself and they all work seamlessly together to create an eerie and foreboding journey.

Overlook Hotel is not an album you pop on while you have friends over for tea. It’s the album that you meditate to while going to your “dark place” or what you play to creep out your friends. Trust me, it will creep them out.

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