Saltillo – Monocyte
Released: February 7th, 2012
Label: Artoffact Records

Saltillo - MonocyteBeautiful. That is how I would describe the new album Monocyte by Saltillo (aka Menton3). It takes a certain creative mind to marry such different musical sounds and twist them into something so rhythmic and gorgeous.

With “Monocyte”, just as he did with his previous release “Ganglion”, Menton3 has created an atmospheric world that is creepy, scary, rhythmic and beautiful all in one. The music on “Monocyte” is once again a perfect combination of electronic beats and noise merged together with classical string instruments. Vocals are either simple talking or sampling but work very well. The first track on the album, “ABEO” sets the tone perfectly with distorted talking/sampling fused with creepy atmospheric music made of electronic noise and strings.

The tracks “Proxy” and “They All Do It The Same” lean more towards the electronic side with heavy bass drops and rhythmic redundancies often found in electronic music. Whereas “The Right of Action” swings more towards the classical side with a heavy dose of string instruments, piano and a classical mood with very minimal electronic feel. Tracks like “Forced Vision” are full of more sampling and creepy atmosphere made effective by heavy use of strings and sluggish rhythms.

As mentioned earlier, Menton3 creates a world unto itself with “Monocyte”. This is true beyond just the music. “Monocyte” was created as a soundtrack to his fantastic comic book of the same name recently released. When looking at the comic and listening to the music together, you can feel and see how each works to compliment the other.

Working as Saltillo, Menton3 has created yet another perfect blend of electronic and classical music. “Monocyte” is moody, creepy, atmospheric and wonderful. I have found that there is a slight catch though. If you are not a fan of electronic music (at least a little bit), this album will probably not appeal to you. If you get into electronica however, Monocyte will draw you in and keep you there.

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Saltillo – “Proxy” (preview)

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