Crown – The One
Released: February 6th, 2012 (digital) – MArch 12th, 2012 (CD)
Label: Super Strong

CROWN - The OneHave you ever wondered, if there were a Hell, what the soundtrack music would be like? I think “The One” by CROWN could fill that role nicely. Forget DEICIDE and SLAYER. That’s not the music Hell would use. CROWN would be a much better fit.

CROWN is an industrial duo hailing from Colmar, France. “Two guys, a voice and a machine” is how their official bio describes them. You could throw out terms like sludge metal, doom rock and industrial to describe CROWN. None of these descriptions would be wrong, but they also would sell the band short.

Their EP, “The One” is full of slow, haunting melody with creepy and atmospheric vocals that mix deep, death like growls with higher tone moans. At times the guitars hook into you and become hypnotic while other times they are pounding your soul into an abyss. The drums, even though synthetic, do not sound it (most of the time) and add a heavy, sometimes tribal feel to the melancholy. It all works very well and sounds fantastic. “The One” is a perfect mix of sluggish, melancholy melody that is oppressive and haunting. All combined it makes for one hell of a doom metal album. Buy it and get a head start on that trip to Hell.


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