The ever excellent trip-hop electronic meets classical music project by menton3 is back for more. February 10th sees the release of a new Saltillo album, Monocyte. Check out a preview of tracks “Gatekeepers” and “I Hate You” below.

Also check out our 5 star review of the reissue Saltillo album Ganglion

Monocyte is the second CD from Saltillo, the trip-hop electronic meets violin and cello project from Chicago-based artist menton3. The CD is the follow up to the critically aclaimed and super successful Ganglion, which was released in 2006 and re-issued by Artoffact Records in 2011. Monocyte is a concept album, a soundtrack to the comic book of the same name, published by IDW Publishing. The CD is raw, dark, and difficult, presenting a vision of the Monocyte brand that builds on the comic’s energy. RIYL Portishead, DJ Shadow, and Massive Attack.

“Gatekeepers” preview:
[soundcloud url=”″]

“I Hate You” preview:
[soundcloud url=”″]

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