Buck Satan and the 666 ShootersLong time fans of Ministry have been aware of Al Jourgensen’s “Buck Satan” project for a very long time. Now it is FINALLY seeing the light of day. Buck Satan & The 666 Shooters will release “Bikers Welcome! Ladies Drink Free” January 17th, 2012.

Buck Satan was conceived by Jourgensen as an homage to his country music hero Buck Owens. The album will be a mix of Uncle Al’s version of industrial metal country. Check out the song “Medication Nation” below along with the album track listing.

Bikers Welcome! Ladies Drink Free tracklisting:

1. “Quicker Than Liquor”
2. “What’s Wrong With Me”
3. “Medication Nation”
4. “Drug Store Truck Drivin’ Man” (Gram Parsons)
5. “The Only Time I’m Sober Is When You’re Gone”
6. “Cheap Wine, Cheap Ramen”
7. “Down The Drain”
8. “Sleepless Nights and Bar Room Fights”
9. “Friend of the Devil”
10. “Ten Long Years in Texas”
11. “I Hate Every Bone in Your Body Except Mine”
12. “Take Me Away”

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