Feral Babies – Violent Boredom
Label: No Reprieve Records

Feral Babies Album CoverPunk died a long time ago. Just admit it and then stab all those posers who consider “pop punk” as punk rock to make yourself feel better. Even though Punk is dead, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any bands working hard to keep it from disappearing completely. Feral Babies is one such band.

Their nine song EP, Violent Boredom, meets all the right criteria for some good ‘ol fashioned Punk music. It’s full of aggressive, fast paced guitars. It’s got lightning quick drum beats, screaming vocals and super short tracks (Almost all the songs clock in at around one minute each). Feral Babies are making some good Punk music that’s reminiscent of bands like Minor Threat and The Circle Jerks and this is a very good thing.

If you’re a fan of Punk, help revive the dead pulse of the lost art form (and help destroy all the “pop punk” bullshit out there). Seek out Feral Babies and support the cause.

Bandcamp: feralbabies.bandcamp.com

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