The United Sons Of Toil – When The Revolution Comes, Everything Will Be Beautiful
Released: June 14th, 2011
Label: Phratry Records

Based in Madison, WI The United Sons Of Toil know how to make some melodic noise. They draw their inspiration from the noise rock of the mid ’90s and from the bands that come from music labels like Touch and Go (The Jesus Lizard) and Dischord (Fugazi, Dag Nasty). I mention this because I am a huge fan of noise rock and those same labels. I’m a picky bastard too when it comes to good noise rock. Bands like The Jesus Lizard, Cop Shoot Cop and Fugazi all have a special place in my music collection. The United Sons Of Toil are a perfect fit among those grand masters of noise rock.

When The Revolution Comes, Everything Will Be Beautiful has an excellent mix of harsh vocals, grungy guitars and thumping drums. On it you can hear a little bit of The Jesus Lizard style noise rock mixed with a little Sick Of It All harsh punk. The track “State-Sponsored Terrorism” is a great example of this combo. The vocals are harsh and screaming surrounded by noisy guitars, thumping bass drums and crashing symbols. “Sword of Damocles” is another great track. It starts off with melodic drums and slow guitars. Vocals stay low and clean. About two minutes in, it kicks into pure noise goodness with screeching guitars and harsh screams. “Alcoholism in the Former Soviet Republics” is similar in vein. It kicks off harsh and never slows down. “Overturning The Rumford Fait Housing Act” switches things around a bit. The guitars work is slowed down and kept slightly clean. The vocals never turn into screaming but still retain the harshness. As the song progresses the noise and tension builds and escalates.

One thing I do hold against When The Revolution Comes, Everything Will Be Beautiful is production value. Sometimes a lesser quality of production adds to the noise rock “sound”. In this case I think it works against it. At times the vocals and drums tend to have a slight echo and get a little muddy. It’s nothing that is ever annoying, but with a solid and clean production audio, I think the noise of the music would be even more enjoyable.

If you like your music overproduced and squeaky clean, this is not an album for you. It will probably make your ears bleed. However if you can appreciate the aggression and harshness of bands like The Jesus Lizard or Cop Shoot Cop, pick up When The Revolution Comes, Everything Will Be Beautiful by The United Sons Of Toil. You will revel in it’s ability to make you even more deaf.


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