Ex_Tension – Desert
Released: August 10th, 2011
Label: Tympanik Audio

Ex_Tension Desert albumThis release from Ex_Tension is a remastered version of their Desert EP, with 2 additional tracks, one being a remix of the title track.

The title track “Desert” could not be more appropriately titled.  Imagine waking up disoriented on a seemingly deserted planet with sand as far as you can see. You begin a journey across the desert….  This 30 minute saga is a creepy, hypnotic, rhythmic adventure to wherever your imagination takes you.  Although the track time is around 30 minutes, they do a great job of transitioning into the different sections of the song. The most enjoyable for me being the tribal drums coming in at around 19 minutes.

The second track, “Journey” is a little more experimental and abrasive than “Desert“. It wanders a little too far for my taste with a more abrasive breakbeat vibe. And the 4th track “Tension” failed to keep my attention as it lacked substance and rhythm.  The last track, which is the collaboration remix of “Desert“, puts a more industrial twist on the song and shortens it up a bit.

For fans of the more ambient industrial style, this album won’t disappoint. I personally like their recent release “Freedom” better than this EP, but regardless, Ex_Tension have proven with their Desert EP that they are great at what they do.

Buy Ex_Tension’s album Desert at their bandcamp page.

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