Haujobb – Dead Market EP
Released: June 17th, 2011
Label: Tympanik Audio

With their Dead Market EP, Haujobb seems to be filling the gap left by Front 242 not releasing any new material in forever. Dead Market is full of ambient noises, digital beats, electronic rhythms and creepy, mellow vocals. The song leans towards the mellow and electronic side of Industrial music. Haujobb hits the mark with the digital ambiance of Front Line Assembly and the electronic rhythms of a Front 242 tune.

In true Industrial music fashion, the EP comes with six remix versions of “Dead Market,” all of them adding a new and different flavor to the original tune. I usually get very bored with remix EPs and they become “listen once” discs for me. Dead Market though is diverse enough that I’ve already listened to it many times.

Haujobb also put a second new song on the EP called “Letting The Demon Sleep [Nightmare].” This track stays similar in style to “Dead Market” with nice steady digital rhythms and beats, with samples and Myer’s whisper vocals.

If Dead Market is any indication of what the new album New World March is going to sound like, I am looking forward to when it hits the streets. If pulsing and rhythmic digital music with a mellow slant is your thing, check out Haujobb’s Dead Market EP. It will help fill that hole left by no new Front 242 albums in forever.

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  1. Just thought I would let you guys know that this song/EP has infected me since I reviewed it. I am still listening to it almost daily. It’s a great song & EP.

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