Musically, it’s difficult to shove She Wants Revenge into a single category or genre. With their latest album, Valleyheart, they change things up a bit compared to previous works.

With their first couple of albums, She Wants Revenge had a fairly steady use of an electronic dance style. Sometimes being considered “Dark Wave”. The albums have an electronic rock dance beat with Justin Warfield’s vocals being almost robotic at times. Valleyheart, however, goes for a more straight dance rock feel.

Much of the electronic sound of previous albums have been stripped away. There still is a slight electronic feel on some tracks, but it’s placed much more in the back than on previous albums. The track “Must Be The One” is a good example of the changes. It has more of an rock sound kin to Airborne Toxic Event or INXS. It has a straight rock beat, no electronics and Warfield’s singing is less robotic and more melodic than on previous albums. “Reasons” shifts back to more of the dance vibe like on previous albums. The guitars sit up front and Warfield gets back to the more robotic singing style (that makes people compare them to Interpol). “Up In Flames” and “Suck It Up” carry on the dance rock vibe with a melodic rock beat sitting front and center. Swirling around the core beat are synth sounds, bass lines and guitar riffs but they stay towards the back. The synths are used in more of an ambient, Pink Floyd style adding atmosphere.

Lyrically, She Wants Revenge stays on familiar territory with Valleyheart. Most of the songs deal with love, lust, loneliness and ladies. That much has not changed.

Valleyheart works well as a dance rock album. If you are a fan of She Wants Revenge and enjoy their previous albums I don’t think Valleyheart will disappoint. If you’re looking for moody synth rock, craving a Joy Division like sound, I think you will be disappointed.

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