Review: Machines on Blast

We usually don’t review EPs around here. It’s hard to get a feel for a band based only around 5 or less songs. However we […]

Industrial Music: 1N.C1.D3.N7 – Pr1m3r

1N.C1.D3.N7 – Pr1m3r Label: MoonSlave Radio Released: November 30, 2011 Buy Now 1N.C1.D3.N7 is David Lopes from Portugal. With one track featured in the compilation “This […]

Review: Sektor 304 – Subliminal Actions

Sektor 304 – Subliminal Actions Released: December 28th, 2011 Label: Malignant Records One interesting thing about Industrial music is that it comes in many different […]

The Industrial Noise of 1.5.6

Noise with rhythm. That is pretty much what music is (along with melody, timbre, blah blah blah). Noise with rhythm is what the band 1.5.6 […]