Cultura Tres – Rezando Al Miedo
Released: May 15th, 2013
Label: Devouter Records

CulturaTres - Rezando Al MiedoIf Tool, System of a Down, and the entire 90s decade had a love triangle, Cultura Tres would be their heroin baby. I mean that in the best possible way, of course. Cultura Tres has always been unique; and by unique, I mean weird. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just the fundamental requirement for a Latin sludge/grunge/doom/psychedelic/metal band. Their new album Rezando Al Miedo, if anything, is a great example of just how weird Cultura Tres can be. Rezando Al Miedo is a mixture of social commentary and psychology as the band has been notorious for being highly conceptual.

In the band’s usual fashion, Rezando Al Miedo has a way of easing you into the music before you find yourself angry at the system and throwing your five dollar macchiato onto the ground. The opening track had fooled me into thinking I was listening to Alice in Chains for the first thirty seconds… And then there were the vocals. Alejandro Londono’s voice works in unison with the lyrics and works up the proper intensity for emphasis on his messages and social commentary.  Macchiato smashed.

The tracks continue in the same vain, maintaining the same doomish tone with which Rezando Al Miedo begins. Songs like “Hole in your Head” and “1942” illustrate an intentional duality as Cultura Tres plays with the time measures and general pace of the music without sounding too progressive. Track six and album namesake “Rezando Al Miedo” delivers a stronger message than perhaps any of the other songs, and does it with little words. Literally translated to “praying to fear”, the track represents the theme of the entire album. Cultura Tres in all their high-concept glory, has really called the influence of religion on society into question, and I commend them for being so daring.

Reawakening the (literally) dead age of grunge and sludge metal, I think Cultura Tres made Rezando Al Miedo as interesting as it is stuck in the wrong decade. Although they might have been twenty years late for their music to be revolutionary, it still makes me want to slowly integrate into my beanbag chair.

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