Nonagon – People Live Everywhere
Label: Self Released
Released: February 10th, 2012
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Do you miss the fast paced punkish rock sounds of bands like Fugazi and Hüsker Dü? Well Nonagon is here to help you.

Nonagon is a three-piece band formed in Chicago. They released their debut CD in 2007 and now have released their latest EP, People Live Everywhere all on their own. They describe themselves as “…loud and abrasive rock with varying time signatures and screamy vocals“. It’s an adequate description.

Their latest EP harkens the sound of noise rock with a dash of punk. It is loud and abrasive. It’s also fast, as music like this should be. The vocals are a bit rough, a little raw and stand out perfectly with the sound Nonagon cranks out. The guitars and drums get a little muddy at times (bit too much of cymbals coming through) but it doesn’t really detract from the sound of the album. The guitars still crunch and the drums blast away. There are plenty of catchy hooks and rhythms throughout the EP. Nonagon even plants a nice little nod to Tool with the song Fadeout (I’m assuming this was intentional).

Other than the slightly muddy sound, the only other “problem” with the EP is that it is very short. Which is to be expected with this type of music. It would be great to hear more though. Overall if you dig Noise Rock and Punk, check out Nonagon’s People Live Everywhere. It’s worth a listen.


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