1N.C1.D3.N7 – Pr1m3r
Label: MoonSlave Radio
Released: November 30, 2011
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1N.C1.D3.N7 is David Lopes from Portugal. With one track featured in the compilation “This is Industrial[PT]” and a few others available on last.fm and Myspace. The style can be described as something in between generic power-noise and industrial techno with some glitch highlights and psytrance influences. 1N.C1.D3.N7 has performed live at several events such as Synth-Etics, Lock the Target Festival, STFU Porto 2009, Metropolis Club 1st Anniversary and Elektrocution:Resurrection. In 2011, David Lopes signed with MoonSlave Radio, a small record label based in NY, and released his first album “Primer” on November 30, 2011.

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