Schwarzblut – Maschinenwesen
Released: April 27th, 2012
Label: Alpha Matrix

Schwarzblut-MaschinenwesenLeave it to Alpha Matrix to kick out some of the better Industrial music that’s hit our offices lately. Alpha Matrix being home to Industrial icons like Front 242, and 32crash. This time around it’s Schwarzblut laying down the industrial beats.

Getting their start in 2007, Schwarzblut is a five piece band from the Netherlands. What sets them apart from some of the other industrial acts is their blending of melancholic Weimar poetry with pounding, dark electronic dance music.

Maschinenwesen” pays tribute to German poetry from the Industrial Revolution. They took historical poetry by various writers from their own book collections. The songs on the album range from EBM dance with “An Den Todesengel” and “Ein Schatten” to more melancholy tracks like “Einst“. “Die Fabrik” is one of my favorite tracks with it’s creepy machine atmosphere and angst ridden vocals. “Nomen set Omen” is equally as powerful with haunting choirs mixed with aggressive, punchy vocals.

It’s good to hear a darker industrial album with such an interesting concept and mix. Fans of heavy and aggressive melancholy Industrial will enjoy this one.

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