Review: Palaces – Tarnish

by Michael Davis April 22, 2013

Palaces – Tarnish Released: September 29th, 2012 Label: Organism It’s funny how different areas of the United States have become known for varying genres of metal music. You have “Bay Area” Thrash, Florida Death Metal, and New York Hardcore just to name a few. I think Atlanta may be another hot bed of sound for […]

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Video: Mastodon “All The Heavy Lifting” Live

by Michael Davis May 23, 2012

Mastodon have released a high quality, live performance of their song “All The Heavy Lifting” off their latest album The Hunter. Check it out below.

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Troy from ‘Mastodon’ teaching about mastodons

by Michael Davis May 10, 2012

Troy Sanders from Mastodon hooked up with Fuse to set a few things straight and teaches us about mastodons. Check it out.

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Feist covers “Black Tongue” and Mastodon covers “A Commotion”

by Michael Davis April 20, 2012

In support of Record Store Day, Mastodon and Feist teamed up to do a split single. Feist did a cover of Mastodon’s “Black Tongue” and Mastodon (Feistodon) did a cover of Feist’s song “A Commotion”. Each band gave the other free reign to do with the songs as they saw fit. Both are excellent covers. […]

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Video: Mastodon – Dry Bone Valley

by Michael Davis January 25, 2012

Mastodon has released their new video for the song “Dry Bone Valley”. The song is from their latest and awesome album The Hunter.

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Mastodon – “Curl Of The Burl” Acoustic Cover

by Michael Davis December 6, 2011

A while back Mastodon ran a “Curl of the Burl” contest. They allowed anyone who wanted to try to download a version of the song without lead guitar or without drums. Then asked you mixed it up with your own skills and submit it to them. The winner was Andras Ellendersen with an excellent acoustic […]

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Video: Mastodon Performs “Black Tongue” on Later With Jools Holland

by Michael Davis October 20, 2011

Mastodon put on a great performance of their song “Black Tongue” on Later with Jools Holland. The song comes from their recent album The Hunter. After you watch the video, check out what we thought about The Hunter.

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Review: Mastodon – The Hunter

by Michael Davis September 22, 2011

Mastodon – The Hunter Released: September 27th, 2011 Label: Reprise I’m going to come out of the gate with this review and say that The Hunter is not going to appeal to everyone. Especially the more close minded or knee jerk reaction metal fans. The boys in Mastodon have definitely shown with The Hunter that […]

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Mastodon Streaming Their Latest Album The Hunter

by Michael Davis September 21, 2011

Mastodon is doing everyone a favor. One week before The Hunter drops, Mastodon has put the new album in it’s entirety up on you tube for your streaming and listening pleasure. Enjoy.

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Mastodon – Curl Of The Burl new track released

by Michael Davis August 16, 2011

The boys from Mastodon sure do like to tease. We’ll take what we can get though and like it. Mastodon has released yet another track from their forth coming album The Hunter. The latest track is called “Curl Of The Burl“. Take a listen via the Soundcloud player below. The track is also available to […]

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